2000 AD - issue 129

After a couple of issues that shook my younger self’s faith in 2000 AD, this issue came along – issue 129 – and it got me excited about the comic book again. It is not a perfect issue, not by any means, but it does have one moment of greatness. It has an episode of ABC Warriors within that is so amazing, it is worth buying the comic book for all on its own, even if the rest varies in quality from ho-hum to execrable.

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New Cover Spaceships

I have been on Blender creating new spaceships for the last couple of days. Two of my books are getting these new spaceships, Cosmic Girl and Blood Star. They’re the two newest. Cosmic Girl has been out for a couple of weeks now (the new cover with a spaceship is because sales haven’t exactly been lighting the world on fire) and Blood Star isn’t even written yet. I’ve set it up as a preorder in a couple of places - you can get it from Kobo for example - but I’m holding off on setting it up as a preorder with Amazon until I have a great cover.

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American Horror Story has gone in a very gratifying sci-fi direction, in the latest series, and you can probably guess what direction that is based on the series title, American Horror Story: Apocalypse. I’m guessing this won’t please every fan of the show, but it sure puts a smile on my face. I love post-apocalyptic shows, like Jericho (I absolutely loved Jericho), The Walking Dead, and Falling Skies. I even loved an absolutely batshit crazy show called Extinct.

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Strange Music - Review

I’m usually quite a cheerleader about sci-fi, but I find that it is with books that I cut less slack. I have written quite a few less than shining reviews for sci-fi books on this site, and this is going to be another one. Don’t get me wrong, as you read Strange Music by Alan Dean Foster, it is obvious that he is an outstanding writer. It is just that the story itself isn’t sci-fi enough for me.

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2000 AD - issue 128

Part of the enjoyment of reading old comic books is the nostalgia, being transported back to the time and place where you bought the comic, to feel the emotions again as you read it. Even when the comic book wasn’t so great, it’s still fun to think back to reading it for the first time, all those years ago. This issue of 2000 AD, for example, brings plenty of feels with it.

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Preorder Blood Star

I have always been afraid of doing a preorder on one of my books, I guess because I was frightened that I might miss the deadline. But I have been doing some research, and the various eBook publishers don’t seem to punish you too severely for missing a pre-order deadlines. For example, according to IndiesUnlimited.com Amazon is quite forgiving. On their help page Amazon say: If you move up the release date for your eBook, all customers who pre-ordered will receive the content on the earlier release date.

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Free sci-fi ebooks

In order to bring visitors to SpiralcatBooks.com, my sci-fi ebook website, I am using an age-old promotional idea that will probably never go out of fashion, free books. Everyone likes free books, and so SpiralcatBooks.com now includes a section where people can download free sci-fi, and other classic genre books. All of these books are already available from Gutenberg for free, of course, so why would somebody come to my site to download them instead?

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