Today my latest book has appeared on Amazon, and that always puts a nice big smile on my face. It’s a book about the coming of the Zombie apocalypse, and the start of the fall of society. Back in April I posted about how I was writing a zombie book. As is often the case with books, I had been writing it for a while, and thinking about it for a long time before that. The idea was put in my head by the book, Z is for Zombie, written by Nick from New Girl. I hope my book is more serious than Nick’s book, but I’m sure I had just as much fun writing it.

One of the most difficult questions was the title, and - no less important - the subtitle. All of the good zombie-related titles that I could think of have already been taken. Zombified, which was a title I was drawn to has, apparently, been used for three different books by three different authors.

In the end I reluctantly decided that I was not going to be able to work the word Zombie into my title in any way I liked. I toyed with the idea of Zombiegeddon, Zompocalypse, Zombieism and a whole lot more. But none grabbed me.

At last I decided that the zombies would appear on the cover only in the art and in the subheading, rather than being named in the title. It’s more subtle than I originally intended, but hopefully not too subtle to hinder sales. Now the zombies are only mentioned in the subtitle, which refers to the name of the serious of books I intend to write - Century Z. And, as we all know from Nick’s work, Z is for Zombie.

Here is the blurb:

At the start of the zombie apocalypse you can watch what’s happening on TV. But very soon your food runs out, the TV networks go off air, your power and water drop out, and you have to leave the safety of your own home and go out into the chaos. Death Sense is a story about people who do just that, either in small groups, alone, or in large communities, and what happens to them as the world continues to crumble under the weight of the zombie onslaught. Each group struggles to survive and adapt in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other bands of survivors - some friendly, some adversarial - and not every group will make it. The cities are first to fall, huge urban centers like San Francisco falling in just a few days, so the book takes place in the coastal redwood forests of northern California. As each last bastion of society crumbles, the people of the area must more and more confront the possibility that they - and other small groups in the hinterlands around the globe - are the last humans in the world. Death Sense is a novel about the constant battle against the end of the world brought on a tide of zombies, but there is also space for human relationships. People who would never otherwise meet are forced together, and their feelings are felt intensely, sometimes hate and sometimes love.

I also had another idea that I wanted to try with the book, and that was to have a kind of theme tune. One of the great things about the Walking Dead is the haunting theme tune. I’ve included a link in my book to a YouTube video where people can play a song to be listened to while reading the prologue. I wasn’t able to put in a link to buy the song - Amazon for understandable reasons isn’t keen on links to other vendors - so here is the link to listen on YouTube and, unlike within the text of the book, a link to buy the song from iTunes.

Death Sense (Century Z) Read my Zombie Novel

This is my zombie novel, named for the most fearsome ability of the undead creatures in the book: Death Sense. These are old-school walking zombies, and they are not easy to kill. Click the book cover and go to the storefront you prefer to buy it now, or follow this link.

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