Bitcoins are shooting up in value at the moment. According to Mashable, investors are pouring money into Bitcoin like there’s no tomorrow. A couple of months ago, the price of a bitcoin went above the price of an ounce of gold. Venturebeat says about Bitcoin that it was the first successful cryptocurrency and is still easily the biggest, with a market cap of over $54 billion. Its price has shot up around 225 percent so far this year, and performed better than any conventional, central-bank issued currency in almost every year since 2010.

It seems that Bitcoin is here to stay, and it is time to start getting involved. For me, I don’t think this means buying Bitcoins, but it could mean offering my eBooks in exchange for Bitcoin. I have my eBooks listed on Amazon, of course, but as of yet Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

That means I had to start researching a way that I can start selling my books for Bitcoin. My first step was to do some Google research, which threw up an interesting forum thread about selling goods in exchange for Bitcoin. It was mostly full of physical goods, and I’m interested in selling eBooks, so I put it aside for the moment. My next idea was a bitcoin button, like the paypal buttons used to accept payments on websites, like these Bitcoin buttons offered by Coingate. Unfortunately Coingate requires photo ID be sent to them before they let anybody use their technology to accept payments. I have nothing against this in principle, but it is too much effort for me just to sell a few eBooks.

Coinbase also provides Bitcoin buttons, so I took a look. They are coy about it, but they say that due to current US regulations, they require users to fill out a small amount of required information to create buttons. I take this to mean I will have to provide photo ID and wait days for it to be cleared. I want to get started with this today, so again I moved on.

I then found coin widget, which also offers buttons. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find how to launch the widget and design my button, so I was forced to move on, scratching my head. I then found a different Bitcoin button at Github that was just a bunch of HTML to be pasted into a page: Perfect! I’ve been pasting HTML I found via Google for years. So I decided to give it a try, but then I read further, and the instructions told me to add Java script and CSS to my page, which I could do, but again seems like a lot of effort just to accept Bitcoin for an eBook download.

I then moved on to Mycelium Gear to see what their Bitcoin payment widget has to offer. They promised I would have a widget after just a few minutes, and with no verification, and it turned out to be true. Yay, here it is. You can use it to buy Galaxy Dog with Bitcoin. Just remember to add your email so I can send the eBook files to you, both epub and mobi (Kindle).

For you old-school people out there who don’t have a single Bitcoin or Satoshi to your name, you can just use the normal old Amazon link below to buy Galaxy Dog from Amazon.

Galaxy Dog (Dark Galaxy)

Start Reading the Dark Galaxy Trilogy

The first book in the Dark Galaxy Trilogy, always the best place to start, is Galaxy Dog. It’s a little more old-school and fun than a lot of the sci-fi that is around at the moment. It has spaceships, robots, battles, and brave warriors rebelling against an evil empire. Click the book cover and go to the storefront you prefer to buy it now, or follow this link.

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