I spent a good few hours yesterday listening to one of my favourite podcasts. It’s called The Dork Forest, and it’s hosted by Jackie Kashian. I don’t listen to it very often, just a couple of times per year, but when I do listen, I binge. I usually listen when I’m doing something round the house, like cleaning and tidying. I hate cleaning and tidying, but it’s not so bad if my mind is off in the Dork Forest while my body is doing the filthy housework.

The idea behind the podcast is that Jackie interviews fellow comedians about their dorkdom. This is the one subject that the interviewee is completely obsessed with. The Dork Forest is a safe space for them to talk about their connoisseurship of this odd subject for a whole hour, in conversation with Jackie, without being judged or thought any less highly of afterwards. According to Wikipedia:

New episodes are released once or twice a week. Recorded in her living room in Van Nuys, the show features ‘dork on dork dialog’ between Kashian and her guests about their favorite obsessions - commonly referred to by Kashian as ‘dorkdoms’. Guests have included Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman, James Urbaniak, Jimmy Pardo, Aisha Tyler, and Mary-Lynn Rajskub. Fans of the show refer to themselves as “Rangers Of The Dork Forest”.

One of the shows I liked the best from my most recent binge listen/cleaning session was the episode Jackie did with Andy Erikson. Andy Erikson is an actress and writer, known for Scream Queens (2015), Last Comic Standing (2003) and The Guest List (2015). She’s also a lot of fun; here’s her review of Starbuck’s unicorn frappuccino, for example. When I listened to the episode with Jackie and Andy, I could here her excitement about her dorky obsessions, which are Pokemon Go, wizard camp, and Harry Potter. Her joy at going to wizard camp and getting to pretend to be a wizard just gushed out of the radio. Actually The Dork Forest is a podcast, so I was listening on the crappy speaker of my phone, but the enthusiasm was there, all the same.

You can listen to the episode on Soundcloud, and the link to it should appear below if I’ve copy and pasted everything correctly.

There’s a lot of talk about unicorns and magic in the episode, and Jackie sounded to be very much on Andy’s wavelength, which I like but if that doesn’t sound like your thing, Jackie will talk to pretty much anyone about pretty much anything. There are a lot of examples of more macho subjects that people dork out about. One episode that I particularly remember is from a few years ago, and it couldn’t have a more macho dorkdom. In this episode Jackie talks to Mike Schmidt (twitter @the40yearoldboy) and Andy Peters (twitter @Andy_Peters) about wrestling. The show went long, almost two hours of nerding about wrestling, and they hadn’t even scratched the surface. I’m not a huge wrestling fan, but listening to these two guys and hearing all the obscure stuff they had to talk about was a delight.

So, next time you have a toilet to clean, do what I do, and listen to The Dork Forest.

Galaxy Dog (Dark Galaxy) Start Reading the Dark Galaxy Trilogy

The first book in the Dark Galaxy Trilogy, always the best place to start, is Galaxy Dog. It’s a little more old-school and fun than a lot of the sci-fi that is around at the moment. It has spaceships, robots, battles, and brave warriors rebelling against an evil empire. Click the book cover and go to the storefront you prefer to buy it now, or follow this link.

This is a universal book link (UBL) and you will be greeted with a page displaying all the places the book is available online. Just select the storefront you prefer and, if you want, also make this your default bookseller. From then on, every time you click a UBL you will be taken directly to the book you are interested in, on the storefront you prefer. The UBL even allows you to go to the Amazon store that matches your region.