For some reason, I love reading recaps of TV shows on the Internet. I don’t even have to be a fan of the show, or even be the slightest bit interested in it or its genre, all I care about is that the recapper likes the show, and they are entertaining and informative as they sing its praises, or scream through hate watching yet another episode. I personally can’t watch Outlander, just to take one example, but I have read a few very entertaining recaps of it. Outlander isn’t a bad show and I watched a couple of episodes because it has a sci-fi hook, but it is definitely more bodice-ripper than time travel story, and that’s not what I’m into.

Anyway, I have my own blog and it has such an insatiable desire for content that I see the pit of the Almighty Sarlacc in my mind’s eye when I think about it, so it makes sense that I might try my hand at writing my own recaps.

The first decision to make, if I do decide to pull the trigger and start recapping, is what show to honor with this level of attention on my blog. Should it be one of my beloved old British sci-fi shows like Blake’s 7 or Doctor Who from the Tom Baker era, or should it be something more modern and therefore, presumably, more popular. Given that the whole point of the blog is to promote my books, popularity would seem to be the direction to go in. If all I care about is popularity, then I should be recapping Battlestar Galactica or Stargate, in an attempt to attract some fraction of those shows’ legions of fans. But, of course on the other hand, pushing books isn’t really the entire reason I do this, it’s nice to have a bully pulpit to shout my opinions from and I also enjoy the craft of writing, so there’s another part of me that wants to pick some obscure show that I love and just talk about it, whether anybody else in the world is ever likely to read what I write, or not. I could write about The Prisoner, or Sapphire and Steele.

Should I start recapping a classic show that was canceled long before most users of the Internet were even born, or should I jump in at episode one of a new show that catches my fancy and stick with it through thick and thin, as it finds its feet, goes through a golden age, jumps the shark, gets a surprise reprieve of yet another final season, and then goes out with a controversial and disappointing last episode. I’m tempted by the latter course, but that could become a real rod that I make for my own back, because readers of my blog, assuming there are any and my Google Analytics isn’t just reporting the bots and spiders that crawl my site, will expect a recap in the hours and minutes after every episode is broadcast.

I’m tempted by the idea of recapping a new show, but because my interests and my writing is all centered around sci-fi, the show I pick to recap will have to be a sci-fi show, so what sci-fi shows are coming soon?

There are a couple of tempting candidates, it turns out. Of the shows that are coming soon and generating any kind of buzz at all, there are three or four that I am tempted to use for my recap experiment. The first show I’ve heard about is Nightflyers, an adaptation of the George R. R. Martin novella. Apparently it is set on the eve of Earth’s destruction, and is about a crew of explorers who journey on Nightflyer, the most advanced ship in the galaxy, to intercept an alien spacecraft. It sounds intriguing, but I’m not a fan of Martin’s books, ever since trying and failing to get interested in Wild Cards back in the 80s. All my friends were reading them and raving about them, but they never grabbed me.

Another tempting prospect is Cloak and Dagger, which is set in the MCU, and is the story of two gifted teens, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, who discover they have superpowers. She can throw daggers made of light, and he can produce a cloak-like energy field. But the problem is that this is far more a superhero show, and a teen superhero show at that, than a traditional sci-fi show with spaceships and robots and all the cool stuff I really love.

The same goes for another show I’m considering, Umbrella Academy, where a dysfunctional family of superheroes work together to solve their father’s mysterious death. It’s adapted from Gerard Way’s comics. This may be another superhero show, but I have read the comics and I know it has a slightly higher than average interest in space and technology, but from more of a steampunk angle. They have cast Mary J. Blige, however, and that alone speaks of a quality show created by people who know what good TV is.

So, if I were to start at episode one of a show, I think I would have to go with Nightflyers. If I want to recap a popular show, I will likely decide on Battlestar Galactica. If I want to recap one of my own beloved shows, then Tom Baker era Doctor Who will likely get the nod, and lastly an obscure show that I would enjoy talking about would likely be Sapphire and Steel. Decisions… Decisions.

Doing some research on Nightflyers, I found out that the 1987 film adaptation starred Michael Praed. Praed was Robin of Sherwood back in the long distant past, a show I absolutely loved, and so I can watch the Nightflyers movie in preparation for the coming of the TV show. I’m already looking forward to it.

So, I’m in for Nightflyers. Expect the recaps to begin when the show drops. I will see all you bots and spiders then.

Galaxy Dog (Dark Galaxy)

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