As I wrote in a recent blog post, I am launching my own publishing operation, where I can publish my own books and have total control - bwahahaha.

To do this well I will need a few things, including my own publisher’s website, the ability to build my own epub and mobi files without the interference of Draft2Digital or Kindle Direct Publishing.

I want to do this as professionally as possible, which means each Mobi or epub file would have a logo in, just like a book released by Bantam or Penguin.

I will also need to get my email subscriber list going, which right now consists of a grand total of zero subscribers. I’m thinking of touting for people to join my email list right there in the ebook they have presumably just downloaded and enjoyed. The things I’m thinking of including in my email list are such things as:

A guide to the universe of Galaxy Dog that is constantly updated and improved.

Short stories set in the universe of Galaxy Dog, which would probably work better as an email list incentive than just being hurled onto my blog with little thought to how anyone is ever likely to find them.

I could also give people on the list a look at deleted scenes, because some good stuff gets written that can’t go in the book for one reason or another.

People who subscribe to an email list would also probably like sneak previews of upcoming books, or even entire chapters of upcoming books set in the same universe as Galaxy Dog. I imagine this would all come in the form of a newsletter.

I’m also toying with the idea of releasing special versions of my books with my illustrations in. These would be similar to those old Battletech novels with the line drawings of mechs and vehicles in the back. If you are of a certain age, and you were into giant robot role-playing games then you know the ones I’m talking about.

These are all just plans buzzing around in my head right now, but, of course, real life keeps getting in the way and nothing actually happens for days, weeks and even months on end. It’s frustrating but I guess it’s the price I pay for having a day job.

So, while we’re all waiting for all this to happen, why not read the latest book I released.

Cosmic Girl

My Latest Book

When a young boy is murdered, a small Californian town becomes the scene of a mystery involving UFO sightings, terrifying supernatural forces, and a new girl in town. A few of the local children begin to understand that there’s more going on than meets the eye as the story continues with the discovery of a portal to another world, a sinister monster, unnerving supernatural forces, and kung fu. Cosmic Girl is a love letter to the 1970s, a sci-fi adventure, and a horror story with a terrifyingly sinister monster.

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