I have started work on Dark Galaxy 5, which I am giving the working title of Blood Star. The way I write a book tends to be slightly different every time, but the first step of the process is usually coming up with a title. The titles for this series are always the name of a space vehicle within the book: Galaxy Dog is the name of the game-changer spaceship the hero and heroin get their hands on in book one, Iron Dart is the name of the spaceship piloted by a bounty hunter who is a thorn in the sides of the two main characters, etc… on through the series.

The next step after deciding on a working title, before I write a word, is to read through the entire series of books that have gone before, making notes as I go. I do this every time I write a new book in the series to try to make each book a logical and consistent progression of what has gone before, and to make sure that technology levels, character motivation, and politics don’t shift for no good reason just because I misremembered something I wrote in an earlier book.

When I wrote Iron Dart, first I read Galaxy Dog again. When I wrote Sun Chaser, first I read Galaxy Dog and Iron Dart again. This time, for Blood Star, the fifth in the series, I will have to read all four previous books, Galaxy Dog, Iron Dart, Sun Chaser, and Drifter Prime - making notes as I go. It is quite an undertaking, but I think it is one of the ways I make my work just that little bit better than the average. That’s the hope at least.

As I once again went through Galaxy Dog, almost inevitably, I discovered a few little changes I wanted to make – a comma here, an apostrophe there – and to make those changes means reuploading the manuscript to the various distribution channels I use. These channels are Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and Kindle Direct Publishing. The document has to be formatted slightly differently for each one, meaning creating three different documents to be uploaded, it’s a bit of a pain. There’s no real way round this however, at least that I could discover, but taking a close look at the file I was about to upload did make me think of a few improvements I could make.

I decided especially to add sections to the document to be uploaded to KDP that simulates some of the nice features included in the ebook created by Draft 2Digital as default. These features that are standard on Draft2Digital but not in Kindle include:

A title page and a dedication, and even the table of contents has to be created from scratch. After that I created an Also by Brett Fitzpatrick section, which is a list of the books I have already published.

I also decided to present the reader with just a couple more things after the main content of the book. I decided to prompt them to join my MailChimp mailing list with a call to action and then try to get the reader to by the next book in the series, Iron Dart. Including editing the files and uploading, It took me all afternoon, but I think it’s worth it.

Cosmic Girl

My Latest Book

When a young boy is murdered, a small Californian town becomes the scene of a mystery involving UFO sightings, terrifying supernatural forces, and a new girl in town. A few of the local children begin to understand that there’s more going on than meets the eye as the story continues with the discovery of a portal to another world, a sinister monster, unnerving supernatural forces, and kung fu. Cosmic Girl is a love letter to the 1970s, a sci-fi adventure, and a horror story with a terrifyingly sinister monster.

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