I have been on Blender creating new spaceships for the last couple of days. Two of my books are getting these new spaceships, Cosmic Girl and Blood Star. They’re the two newest. Cosmic Girl has been out for a couple of weeks now (the new cover with a spaceship is because sales haven’t exactly been lighting the world on fire) and Blood Star isn’t even written yet. I’ve set it up as a preorder in a couple of places - you can get it from Kobo for example - but I’m holding off on setting it up as a preorder with Amazon until I have a great cover. I think that will be a vital part of getting the book noticed. The Blood Star cover in the image above is about half way through the creation process, I would say, and the Cosmic Girl one is done.

It’s interesting to me that the two spaceships couldn’t be more different. The spaceship on the cover of Cosmic Girl is a small shuttle craft descending from orbit to land on a blue planet with wide, wide oceans. Spoiler alert – it’s Earth but the Earth of the mid-1970s. While the spaceship on the cover of Blood Star is a giant military design, with gun turrets reminiscent of a battleship from WW II. The planet it is approaching is comparatively small, and the spaceship makes you feel that the planet might actually be under threat from the craft heading its way. On the other hand, the book is called Blood Star, and the planet is bright red, so I imagine this heavenly body can look after itself.

I’ll post with a link as soon as I have the cover of Blood Star completed to my satisfaction, but Cosmic Girl is available right now.

Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl

A small Californian town becomes the scene of a mystery involving UFO sightings, terrifying supernatural forces, and a new girl in town. A few of the local children begin to understand that there’s more going on than meets the eye as the story continues with the discovery of a portal to another world, a sinister monster, unnerving supernatural forces, and kung fu. Cosmic Girl is a love letter to the 1970s, a sci-fi adventure, and a horror story with a terrifyingly sinister monster.

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