I’m the author of a growing pile of science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as one or two pieces of shorter fiction. My fiction is strongly informed by my childhood reading 70s British sci-fi such as 2000ad and watching movies like Star Wars. For the last few years, I’ve written at least a book a year and also manage to to fit in some shorter fiction, as well. I hope to maintain my output for many years to come, because it is a lot of fun to write sci-fi.

I trained as a graphic artist at a Polytechnic in Leeds and have worked in Bookshops and as an English teacher ever since, along with some time in crappy jobs such as fruit picking and security guard. I am living and working in Venice, and I love the flexibility that epublishing gives me to live where I want and get my books to people all over the world.

Photograph by Kooky Photography.