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It seems that Bitcoin is here to stay, and so I’m offering my eBooks in exchange for Bitcoin. Actually, I’m going one better than that, I’m offering my books at a discount for Bitcoin buyers of one dollar off. I have my eBooks listed on Amazon, of course, but as of yet Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin as a payment option. I use Mycelium Gear to enable me to buy my books, such as Galaxy Dog, with Bitcoin. Just remember to add your email so I can send the eBook files to you, both epub and mobi (Kindle).

Dark Galaxy

This is the most successful series of books that I have written, and it traces the adventures of a small group of characters from the invasion of an alien planet, through numerous adventures among the stars, to events that will change the fate of an entire star empire.

Galaxy Dog

Galaxy Dog is an epic space opera. What starts as an ordinary invasion of an alien planet, brings to light an ancient archeological site of huge importance. A young man called Knave makes a life-changing discovery there and rises from a lowly position as an infantry trooper to become a player among the powers of the galaxy. This is the story of his rise, and the story of the fierce and independent woman and the feisty robot who help him.

It is also the story of a spaceship that can upset the balance of power across human space. A spaceship from an ancient time, built by aliens, and full of advanced technology. It is an action-packed, sci-fi page turner that goes in directions the reader just will not expect.

It introduces a lot of plot threads that gradually build as the second and third books of the series unfold. We see the Tarazet Star Empire, and we see what is rotten at its core, as we feel the desire the characters feel to tear it down and replace it with New Tarazet, however impossible that might seem.

Iron Dart

Iron Dart continues the story of three heroes and their incredibly powerful alien spaceship as they slowly build and lead a rebellion that will threaten the Tarazet Star Empire itself. The spaceship is so powerful that it is upsetting the balance of power across the galaxy.

The spaceship has reached the notice even of an alien species, humanities greatest foes, the Buzzers. If they want to use their spaceship against the emperor, first our heroes will have to keep it out of the hands, or rather claws, of this alien menace.

With lots of spaceships, robots, aliens and space battles, this sci-fi novel is an entertaining page-turner that unashamedly enjoys all the fun of the genre.

Sun Chaser

The Tarazet Star Empire is corrupt. The greed of those at the top, terraforming entire planets for their games, has reached heights never seen before. The empire is primed to explode, and it has already descended into rebellion. Altia, the most prominent young scientist in the empire, is sucked into this rebellion. Along with a young soldier named Knave and a humble logistics robot, she rises to become the leader of the forces fighting to overthrow the emperor.

There are plenty of space battles, unknowable aliens, and galactic power struggles in store, in a book that combines the action of military science fiction with the heart of good space opera.

The only reason the heroes have any chance of surviving in the face of the repression of the Tarazet Star Empire is the alien starship they have discovered. The ancient aliens, the source of the destabilizing technology of the powerful spaceship, remain enigmatic throughout, even as more is discovered about them, with just the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep the reader captivated the whole way through the book.

Just what this spaceship is capable of slowly becomes clear to the entire empire, and at least one neighboring alien culture is also slowly destabilized by this new force in the galaxy. It seems, at last, as though the empire might topple, bringing a new utopia, or possibly just political chaos in its wake.

Dragons of Westermere

This series tells the story of three young women. We follow their adventures as they become more powerful - in politics, magic, lore and battle - and as they find love, make friends and alliances and discover how their fates are intertwined. They all three have a bond with dragons, but each dragon is different, reflecting the character of the owner and their relationship. They must somehow find a way to put aside their rivalries and differences, in order to overcome a huge threat to their fantasy world.

The Pet Dragon

The Pet Dragon is the first novel in the Dragons of Westermere trilogy. The book is about a young elf girl called Willowtide, and about the first small skirmish in a war that will prove to be long-fought and terrible.

At the start of the book, Willowtide is exiled from her treetop community of elves, and would soon die in the woods if not for two friends, a young dragon she raises from a hatchling and a human boy.

As Willowtide tries to decide what direction her life will take, now that all her plans of a future among the elves have been snatched away, a great evil is once again making plans to emerge from the underworld and claim the daylight world for its own.

As the evil encroaches, a countervailing power for good also awakens, and Willowtide, her dragon Harlequin, and her human friend, Archer, are destined by fate to join this force for good, and battle the evil that threatens their land.

This evil can take a great number of forms. It can be a proud nobleman, intent on killing Harlequin and becoming a famous dragon slayer. It can be armies of undead rising from their graves. It can be monsters, long slumbering beneath the earth in mighty halls excavated from the roots of the world, monsters as ancient and as powerful as dragons, or it might be much closer to home. It might be a betrayal that comes from somebody who should be a protector, the corrupting of even the most powerful and most revered in the land.

Willowtide, Harlequin and Archer will be tested many times, they will learn and grow more powerful, and they will be forced to fight many battles. After their great victories they will have to remember that evil can never be rooted out, that it will fester, and that it will return. Equally, after their great defeats, they must remember that they are all that stands against the end of their entire world, and so they must pick themselves up, no matter how tired and no matter how badly hurt, to continue the fight.

But the book isn’t just about struggle, it is also about friendship. There is the friendship between a young woman and her dragon, a friendship so deep that it creates a magical connection that will bind them forever. There is also the friendship between her and Archer, the human boy who found her in the woods. Given time, this friendship just might develop into something more.

The Pet Dragon tells a story that begins in one small corner of the deep elven woods, but it is a story that will eventually touch all the realms of Westermere, and change the land forever.

The Twin Dragon

This story takes place in a fantasy world where three princesses contend for power. Each of the three is a magic user, and each of the three has a bond with a fearsome dragon companion.

Willowtide, the instinctive wild talent, is called to help the bandits of the forest, and their bandit prince, as they try to build a new better society.

Palemoon turns on her mentor and tries to wrest control of the elven forest from his tyrannical grip, with the love and support of one of the world’s strongest warriors at her back.

Lastly, Demiana, the most evil of the three, with her sly emerald dragon, rises the fastest. She grows her power by outright conquest. She takes castle after castle, riding ahead of her forces on the back of her fearsome mount.

Twin Dragon is a story about states on the brink of war, but we also see Willowtide becoming closer and closer to the her good friend Archer, a human warrior who saved her when she was banished from her people. Their fates become more and more entwined as the story goes on, until their two quests become one.

City of Dragons

City of Dragons is set in a world where dragons have begun to return to the sky. We follow a young elf named Willowtide as her relationship with Archer is growing ever closer, and blossoming into love. Archer is a young human warrior who saved her when she was banished from her people. Their fates have become more and more entwined, and now their quest is becoming one.

Her quest is to defeat the shadow forces surrounding her young realm. This ancient evil has rekindled old enmities between human, elf, dwarf, and halfling, causing them to battle each other rather than defend themselves against its plans.

Luckily Willowtide is aided in the struggle by her dragon, a huge fire-breathing creature with scales of gold, and also by her childhood friend, Palemoon. Palemoon also has a dragon, a dragon of ice, and is a powerful ally, but there is a third young mage with a dragon, an evil jade dragon, who stands with the enemy.

The ancient evil is so confident of victory that it emerges to watch the conclusion of its conquest. In order to defeat it, Willowtide and Archer have to go underground, to the subterranean halls of the troglodytes, in search of the magical weapon that will save their world.