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It’s all about the sofas. Anyone who has seen 2001 A Space Odyssey will be likely to remember the uncomfortable-looking and futuristic red chairs in the Hilton lobby of Space Station Five, where Dr Floyd stops on his way to the moon. In the visual medium that is movie making these chairs are a powerful background detail that the audience notices without any time being taken away from the film’s action.

Rejigging Sun Chaser

I’ve finally reached the final couple of scenes of my latest ripsnorting sci-fi action novel, Sun Chaser, and so it is time to get jiggy with it. The Longman dictionary defines this as dancing with a lot of energy, but that isn’t exactly what I mean. I’m going to rejig the start of the book so that it better flows into the climax of the novel. I have scenes, at the moment in the current version, where characters are doing some pretty stupid things for no easily discernible reason.

First Writer's Post

I’m sorting out technical issues with my blog today, starting with the terrible curly quotes that had been disfiguring my beautiful internet text. The problem is that I write each post in LibreOffice so I can have a spell checker running as I write. Then, when I’m sure the spelling is okay and I’m happy with what I’ve written, the next step is transferring it to Komodo Edit for turning into a web page.