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Starlord - Issue 6

I’m currently rereading a comic book that I loved from my childhood, and which I can once again read, all these years later, thanks to the power of the Internet. The comic was called Starlord and it was a great moment from British comic book history that burned briefly but brightly. Almost the complete run of Starlord can be found at Follow the link and read a few pages, it’s a great comic with real class.

Hard v Soft SF

I posted about Star Trek: Discovery episode 3, Context is for Kings, the other day, and one of the things I like is that the show continues to subvert the technobabble of Star Trek with a bit more of an infusion of magic and the uncanny. The science of the new invention they are working on in this episode, for example, is described as a mix or energy and organics, exploiting an invisible web that unites the galaxy.

I just watched Star Trek: Discovery episode 3, Context is for Kings, the other day, and the show is taking on the shape I assume it will have going forward. We now move to Discovery itself and Michael starts to interact with the rest of the crew, including some of her former crewmates from her previous ship. I like a lot of things about this episode, and about what I assume the show is going to be.

Starlord issue 5

I can’t say how grateful I am to for collecting scans of my favorite comic book from my childhood in one place. As the site says: Starlord was a short-lived British Sci-fi comic published in 1978. It was much loved by the nerdy Star Wars obsessed 10 year old boy that I was at the time. I second that sentiment, except I was a nerdy 8 year old, though equally obsessed with Star Wars.

Facebook has 71 billion monthly active users and 1.13 billion of them are there every day. These numbers mean that it simply can not be ignored if you want to reach people. I have never exactly ignored Facebook, but I think I may not have been using it to its full potential. Until now, my usual way of promoting my books on Facebook was to write a blog post then post a link to it to Facebook, and lately I have begun to suspect there must be more to Facebook promotion than that.

Sci-Fi Fashion

I have been thinking about sci-fi lately, as usual, but this time specifically about the clothes. Yes, that’s right - Space Clothes, as they are called on the sci-fi fashion page of the TV Tropes website. The stereotype, of course, is that everyone wears silver with huge shoulder pads, and pocketless spandex, and I’m glad to say there is some truth to it. A lot of early, more optimistic science fiction had people in the most ridiculous sci-fi outfits.

Star Lord - Issue 4

This is my fourth post about rereading a sci-fi comic book from my youth. I still remember the experience of reading the sci-fi adventures it contained vividly today, which is why I decided to return and revisit them. According to Google Search Console nobody has read any of my other posts about this old comic book - they’re the least popular part of my site - but is that going to stop me?

Star Trek Returns

We once again live in a world where Star Trek is on TV, for the first time since Star Trek: Enterprise finished in 2005, and I would be remiss as a sci-fi author and blogger if I didn’t write a post to mark this momentous moment in popular culture. I wouldn’t want to be remiss, so here comes my hot take. With only two episodes broadcast it’s too early to say for sure what this show is going to be, but I love what I’ve seen so far.

I am doing more work on the cover of my latest science fiction novel, and part of that is deciding on a colour scheme for the spaceship sitting slap bang in the middle of it. Of course it is impossible to think of spacecraft colour schemes without the spaceships of the Terran Trade Authority coming to mind. At least for a child of the late 70s and early 80s like me.

I spent a good few hours yesterday listening to one of my favourite podcasts. It’s called The Dork Forest, and it’s hosted by Jackie Kashian. I don’t listen to it very often, just a couple of times per year, but when I do listen, I binge. I usually listen when I’m doing something round the house, like cleaning and tidying. I hate cleaning and tidying, but it’s not so bad if my mind is off in the Dork Forest while my body is doing the filthy housework.