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The Defenders is the big thing in nerddom this week, and I’m binging, just like anybody else. I’ve only watched two episodes so far, and I am absolutely loving it. These two episodes have all been about introducing the heroes, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Each hero is almost completely compartmentalized during the first two episodes, which is very unlike how things would be handled in a comic book.

Better Amazon Link

I’ve come across a strange problem with the links provided by the Amazon affiliates program to enable you to sell your book. Usually they sit there displaying your book. But sometimes they display a general advertisement for Amazon that does not lead the customer - a hard won customer, by you on your blog - to the product you want to sell. Obviously, this is not okay. The moment I saw this behaviour I knew I had to design my own advertisement, one not served by Amazon.

I have decided to try and pep up the cover to my zombie novel, Death Sense, in an effort to get more sales. Just a few days ago I was posting about how it was an intellectual zombie novel, and that’s reflected in the subdued cover, but now I’m starting to think it’s too intellectual, and the cover needs more blamo! Right now, the cover of my zombie novel doesn’t even have the word zombie on it.

Sci-Fi Supergirl

Supergirl is a lot of things. Supergirl is a character, who first made her appearance in Action Comics, in May 1959. Supergirl is also a comic book, which debuted in 1972. And Supergirl is also a movie, but most recently, Supergirl has become a TV show. The show premiered in October 2015 on CBS, then moved to The CW for its second season. It stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El, a Kryptonian who escaped from her dying planet as a teen.

Bitcoins are shooting up in value at the moment. According to Mashable, investors are pouring money into Bitcoin like there’s no tomorrow. A couple of months ago, the price of a bitcoin went above the price of an ounce of gold. Venturebeat says about Bitcoin that it was the first successful cryptocurrency and is still easily the biggest, with a market cap of over $54 billion. Its price has shot up around 225 percent so far this year, and performed better than any conventional, central-bank issued currency in almost every year since 2010.

I have now officially started work in earnest on the fourth book in my Dark Galaxy series. Part of that work is designing the cover. It’s also one of the most important parts of the entire book-writing process. A good cover will go a very long way towards getting your books noticed. Most authors have to hire somebody to do a cover for them. But I’m lucky in that I have graphic design training and I enjoy geeking about with 3D packages, which means I can create my own sci-fi covers.

I have given my zombie novel, Death Sense, a theme tune, because music is so damn important to horror stories I felt it couldn’t be without one. Just to show how important music is to horror, there are numerous lists of top horror themes and scores on the Internet, like this one from, including Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street and other spine-chilling favourites. The number one on the Consequenceofsound list is Halloween, and they tell an interesting story about the composition of the score: In the early summer of 1978, months ahead of the film’s October release, Carpenter received a final cut of the film sans any music or sound effects, which he screened for a young executive at 20th Century Fox.

I’ve been reading comic books again, specifically one of my favourite titles, The Ultimates, or to be more exact, The Ultimates2. If you look up the Ultimates on Wikipedia you get quite a confusing page. Apparently, they are quite a modern team, and have only been going since 2002. The first version of the team included Captain America, Giant-Man, the Wasp, the Hulk and Iron Man. The team then went through a variety of different lineups, but the lineup I’m most interested in isn’t even mentioned on this page.

I came across an article about zombie novels while Googling, and my interest was piqued. Simon Owens starts his article with a very interesting story. He passes on something an author told him in an interview, where the author submitted some of his manuscripts to several large book publishers. And then one day soon after, he received a reply in his email inbox. “It was supposed to be an interoffice email from the publishing house I had submitted to,” he told me in a phone interview.

I’ve been spending the day working on my books page, to make it a better place to go for readers looking to easily download some sci-fi, or some fantasy or horror because I’ve written a few of these types of novels as well. In my quest to create a truly great books page I started by looking at some pages created on other writers’ sites. I started with one of my favorites, Alastair Reynolds.