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Every now and again I post on this blog to talk about a comic book I like. It’s been a while since the last time I did, and in the mean time I’ve moved from Ubuntu to Windows. So, I needed a comic book reader for my Windows 10 desktop. I tried to check out a Lifehacker article but the site detected that I have an adblocker enabled and wouldn’t let me progress, so I went to the next Google result, which was an article on

I have written a zombie novel, called Death Sense, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Unfortunately the zombie genre has become such a joke it is regularly used as a source of fun on TV shows such as New Girl. One of the characters is writing a zombie novel, and the show’s writers put in every stupid thing they can think of. We even hear parts read out on the show, such as, “Zombie zoo, zombie zoo, zombie zoo, zombie zoo, who let them zombies out that damn zombie zoo.” I didn’t want to go down this road.

I am going to need a cover star for the fourth book in my Dark Galaxy series of sci-fi novels. I was looking through some of the 3D spaceship models I have created over the years, and I found a nice one that I did a couple of years ago. It’s still very rough, but I think it will make a nice cover. I have uploaded a render of my spaceship to Blender to get some feedback on ways it can be improved, and I’ll be posting here to this blog with my progress to changing this old 3D model into a kick-ass sci-fi novel cover.

I’ve been spending the last few days lurking on the forum pages of Kboards. There is a lot of interesting information there for an indie publishing writer, like me. One of the tips I found was to use a site called instafreebie to give away copies of my books for free. The idea is that people read the first book in a series and then go on to read the whole trilogy.

I’m reading a novel called On the Steel Breeze, by Alastair Reynolds. It came out quite a while ago, in 2013 According to Wikipedia, and it is the sequel to his 2012 novel Blue Remembered Earth, but it can be read alone. The novel’s main characters are two clones of a woman called Chiku Akinya. One clone remaines on Earth, while the second embarks on a generation ship heading for the alien planet of Crucible, which is home to a mysterious structure known as the Mandala.

Today my latest book has appeared on Amazon, and that always puts a nice big smile on my face. It’s a book about the coming of the Zombie apocalypse, and the start of the fall of society. Back in April I posted about how I was writing a zombie book. As is often the case with books, I had been writing it for a while, and thinking about it for a long time before that.

The very first book I ever published was The Pet Dragon, and it has been available on numerous platforms for several years now. It can be bought, for example, from Smashwords, the very first site I used to get it out to an audience. It has never before been on Amazon, however, except as a print on demand paperback. At last I have gotten around to trying to do something about that.

Galaxy Dog Sample

Digital books are becoming ever more popular, but unlike real books, you cannot do what I like to do and pick up the entire novel in a book shop to read samples chosen at random as you flick through the book. In a bookshop, it is quite easy to pull up a chair and read the entire chapter if you want, to see if it is compelling enough to purchase it.

I’ve been working on one of my 3D spaceships for a while, several months . This current spaceship project is quite different from any spaceship design I’ve ever done before. Usually I create spaceships with a traditional metal look, similar to these famous spaceships, which all have the classic metal-panel look. The spaceships I usually do are at home in what many people call the used future. This is the kind of future seen in sci-fi shows where spaceships look dirty, dingy, and used.

The Cabalist

I live in Italy, in Venice to be exact, and I’ve lived here long enough now to start thinking of it as my adopted home. My Italian isn’t perfect but I can read a book. I don’t understand every word, but I can usually guess the ones I don’t know from the context. I was browsing through a second-hand bookshop in the nearby city of Trieste, which is just up the coats from Venice, and I found a sci-fi book set in my adopted home town.