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Sci-Fi Fashion

I have been thinking about sci-fi lately, as usual, but this time specifically about the clothes. Yes, that’s right - Space Clothes, as they are called on the sci-fi fashion page of the TV Tropes website. The stereotype, of course, is that everyone wears silver with huge shoulder pads, and pocketless spandex, and I’m glad to say there is some truth to it. A lot of early, more optimistic science fiction had people in the most ridiculous sci-fi outfits.

Star Lord - Issue 4

This is my fourth post about rereading a sci-fi comic book from my youth. I still remember the experience of reading the sci-fi adventures it contained vividly today, which is why I decided to return and revisit them. According to Google Search Console nobody has read any of my other posts about this old comic book - they’re the least popular part of my site - but is that going to stop me?

Star Trek Returns

We once again live in a world where Star Trek is on TV, for the first time since Star Trek: Enterprise finished in 2005, and I would be remiss as a sci-fi author and blogger if I didn’t write a post to mark this momentous moment in popular culture. I wouldn’t want to be remiss, so here comes my hot take. With only two episodes broadcast it’s too early to say for sure what this show is going to be, but I love what I’ve seen so far.

TTA Spaceship Colours

I am doing more work on the cover of my latest science fiction novel, and part of that is deciding on a colour scheme for the spaceship sitting slap bang in the middle of it. Of course it is impossible to think of spacecraft colour schemes without the spaceships of the Terran Trade Authority coming to mind. At least for a child of the late 70s and early 80s like me.

The Dork Side of the Force

I spent a good few hours yesterday listening to one of my favourite podcasts. It’s called The Dork Forest, and it’s hosted by Jackie Kashian. I don’t listen to it very often, just a couple of times per year, but when I do listen, I binge. I usually listen when I’m doing something round the house, like cleaning and tidying. I hate cleaning and tidying, but it’s not so bad if my mind is off in the Dork Forest while my body is doing the filthy housework.

Star Lord 3

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have decided to read every issue of Star Lord, a short-lived British sci-fi comic of the late 70s. I’ve reached issue three of this undertaking, and it is the best so far. After two underwhelming covers, this week’s cover is one of the classics. It is the work of Kevin O’Neill, and showcases his talent for creating complex and beautiful spaceship designs.

American Horror Story: Cult

This is a very spoilery few musings on episode one of American Horror Story: Cult, which I just watched. I was very brave, because I’m alone in the house and it is after dark. I’m no fan of horror but I thought I would give Cult a try because it has been reported in the news as having an overt political message, along with a whole bunch of clowns. I figured it was going to be mostly psychological horror with an interesting political twist, which I might enjoy.

My Books Now Discounted for Bitcoin

A few posts back I was talking about my half-baked idea of accepting bitcoins in exchange for my books. Here’s the post where I speak about it. Unfortunately, I was using Mycelium widgets, as I explain in the post, but I ran into a problem. It is the same problem described on this Reddit. The Mycelium widgets are needed to sell my books, and I have more than one book. With multiple books therefore, I need multiple widgets.

Star Lord - Number 2

In a recent post I talked about prog slogs, and how much I love them. A prog slog is where you read a swath of comic books based on some criteria best known to yourself. I’ve decided to do a prog slog of my own, but initially a very limited one. I’m starting with a few issues of a very short-lived comic book called Star Lord. Star Lord later merged with a comic called 2000ad, so theoretically I could continue to read from there for thousands of issues because 2000ad is still going today, thirty or forty years later, but let’s stick to just the 22 issues of Star Lord for now.

Star Lord - Number 1

In my last post I talked about prog slogs, and how much I love them. A prog slog is where you read a swath of comic books based on some criteria best known to yourself. Usually it means rereading issues of a British sci-fi comic book called 2000ad, collected in the 70s during the prog slogger’s childhood years. Now I’ve decided to do a prog slog of my own, but initially a very limited one.