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I’m sorting out technical issues with my blog today, starting with the terrible curly quotes that had been disfiguring my beautiful internet text. The problem is that I write each post in LibreOffice so I can have a spell checker running as I write. Then, when I’m sure the spelling is okay and I’m happy with what I’ve written, the next step is transferring it to Komodo Edit for turning into a web page. Unfortunately, once uploaded, the curly quotes that LibreOffice inserts in my text always come out as question marks in diamonds on the internet. Turning them off means I can write blog posts with spell checking, and without having to search and replacing the curly quotes before transfering the text to Komodo Edit. I was orried it was going to be tricky, but luckily it was quite easy and I found the answer here.

Then, I thought, as long as I’m sorting out problems, why don’t I fix the biggest issue of all. This is that my site is called Starbright Illustrations, when I am in fact I’m no longer an illustrator but an author. So I decided to buy a new domain name for the site, so the site has the same name as I do just like a proper writer.

I’m basing this on blogs and sits like Patrick Rothfuss’s blog, the site of the mighty Alastair Reynolds, and the writer of the Martian, too.

The old site, Starbright Illustrations was from over a decade ago, when I was primarily an illustrator with a bit of role-playing game design thrown in (you can find my games here). Now I’m primarily a writer, at least outside my day job as an English teacher. I’ve written several books now, including three fantasy books and two sci-fi books. I’m very proud of them and I want to feature them prominently on this new site.