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The Pet Dragon at Pronoun

· by Brett · Read in about 3 min · (580 Words)

The very first book I ever published was The Pet Dragon, and it has been available on numerous platforms for several years now. It can be bought, for example, from Smashwords, the very first site I used to get it out to an audience. It has never before been on Amazon, however, except as a print on demand paperback. At last I have gotten around to trying to do something about that. It have created a new cover for the book, and it is now on its way to Aamazon, through the Pronoun platform.

The Pet Dragon is the first novel in the Dragons of Westermere trilogy. The book is about a young elf girl called Willowtide, and about the first small skirmish in a war that will prove to be long-fought and terrible.
At the start of the book, Willowtide is exiled from her treetop community of elves, and would soon die in the woods if not for two friends, a young dragon she raises from a hatchling and a human boy.
As Willowtide tries to decide what direction her life will take, now that all her plans of a future among the elves have been snatched away, a great evil is once again making plans to emerge from the underworld and claim the daylight world for its own.
As the evil encroaches, a countervailing power for good also awakens, and Willowtide, her dragon Harlequin, and her human friend, Archer, are destined by fate to join this force for good, and battle the evil that threatens their land.
This evil can take a great number of forms. It can be a proud nobleman, intent on killing Harlequin and becoming a famous dragon slayer. It can be armies of undead rising from their graves. It can be monsters, long slumbering beneath the earth in mighty halls excavated from the roots of the world, monsters as ancient and as powerful as dragons, or it might be much closer to home. It might be a betrayal that comes from somebody who should be a protector, the corrupting of even the most powerful and most revered in the land.
Willowtide, Harlequin and Archer will be tested many times, they will learn and grow more powerful, and they will be forced to fight many battles. After their great victories they will have to remember that evil can never be rooted out, that it will fester, and that it will return. Equally, after their great defeats, they must remember that they are all that stands against the end of their entire world, and so they must pick themselves up, no matter how tired and no matter how badly hurt, to continue the fight.
But the book isn’t just about struggle, it is also about friendship. There is the friendship between a young woman and her dragon, a friendship so deep that it creates a magical connection that will bind them forever. There is also the friendship between her and Archer, the human boy who found her in the woods. Given time, this friendship just might develop into something more.
The Pet Dragon tells a story that begins in one small corner of the deep elven woods, but it is a story that will eventually touch all the realms of Westermere, and change the land forever.

Since the Dragons of Westermere I have also writen a sci-fi series, and the first book is called Galaxy Dog. For ripsnorting sci-fi action just click the Amazon link below.