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Galaxy Dog Free Giveaway - 100 copies

· by Brett · Read in about 2 min · (393 Words)

I’ve been spending the last few days lurking on the forum pages of Kboards. There is a lot of interesting information there for an indie publishing writer, like me. One of the tips I found was to use a site called instafreebie to give away copies of my books for free. The idea is that people read the first book in a series and then go on to read the whole trilogy.

I’m giving it a try with a very limited giveaway of only 100 books. There’s an option to create a permanent giveaway, but I want to dabble my toes in the water a little before I try that. The book I’ve chosen to giveaway is my best seller, Galaxy Dog, see it at Amazon. So, if you’re reading this but you haven’t read Galaxy Dog yet, go to instafreebie and maybe you can get one of the 100 free copies that are available.

Here’s the blurb, in case you are having trouble making up your mind:

Galaxy Dog follows a young man, Knave, as he is sent down to the surface of an ice planet to take part in an invasion. Knave is at the very bottom of the hierarchy of the infantry. He operates a suit of power armor and a pack of twenty combat drones. A robot named Jay is also part of the invasion force, and Knave and the robot are destined to become friends. The enemy is a species of alien biomechanical life called Buzzers. As Knave penetrates a Buzzer research facility, he comes across research they are doing on the ruins left by an ancient, long-dead civilization of aliens, called the Drifters. Knave, through no fault of his own, becomes the center of attention of the dreaded Ministry of Science. They send one of their top scientist, a young woman named Altia, and she joins with Knave and Jay in discovering something within the site that will change the course of galactic history.

Once you have gotten your free copy of Galaxy Dog from instafreebie, and read it and loved it, why not continue reading with the second book in the series Iron dart, see it here at Amazon. Or, you could try my newest book, where I try my hand at writing a zombie novel. I’m quite pleased with it. Check it out at Smashwords.