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Initial Stages of New Cover Spaceship

· by Brett · Read in about 2 min · (403 Words)

I am going to need a cover star for the fourth book in my Dark Galaxy series of sci-fi novels. I was looking through some of the 3D spaceship models I have created over the years, and I found a nice one that I did a couple of years ago. It’s still very rough, but I think it will make a nice cover.

I have uploaded a render of my spaceship to Blender to get some feedback on ways it can be improved, and I’ll be posting here to this blog with my progress to changing this old 3D model into a kick-ass sci-fi novel cover. Here is the forum thread I started, and I’m already getting some very good input.

Sundialsvc4 said I should make the “dark metal” surfaces lighter so it doesn’t look like there are holes in the spaceship. He or she also said:

You might also wish to lighten the red areas a little if you intend to comp this with a starry background similar to the one used on the cover (of Galaxy Dog). I would definitely suggest making such a comp for the purposes of fine-tuning the presentation. Aside from maybe losing that communications-dish starboard-aft (which looks rather like a gray balloon and which seems quite improbable sitting so close to a gun emplacement), the geometry looks suitably menacing. (Well, make sure that all of the gray thingies don’t look “glued on.” The outside of a space-battleship seems like an improbable place for any sort of “exposed piping,” anyway … any fool would simply aim at them and shoot them off.)

I absolutely agree about the gray thingies, and I’m removing the communications dish next time I fire up Blender. Before any of the experts on the forum have even replied, I can already see that the spaceship is both too smooth, and its surfaces are too broken up, both at the same time. There’s a lot of work, but that should also be a lot of fun.

I will have to limit myself to just two hours at a stretch, so that I also have time to continue writing my books and promoting them. I can hear anyone who spends time with 3D applications laughing. They are a notorious time suck, but I’ll just have to be disciplined with myself. In the mean time, my latest book is a zombie novel, see the link below: