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Drifter Prime - latest progress

I have been hammering away at the keyboard for months, gradually grinding out Drifter Prime, the latest installment in my epic sci-fi series of novels. Just to give an idea of where I am, here are a few words that I have written today. This is a scene where one of the main characters, Altia, faces off with one of the antagonists, Admiral Haygon, with whom she has some history.

Starlord - issue 12

This is the twelfth post I’ve written about rereading an old comic book from my youth. This whole thing was prompted by scans of the entire run of the comic turning up on a website called, allowing me to experience them again years later. It is actually a pretty frightening span of years later, as this issue of Starlord came out way back on the 29 July 78, about 40 years ago.

Amazon Through Draft2Digital

Things have been busy in the world of self-publishing sci-fi books, one huge book aggregator is going out of business, while another has just won the coveted rights to send books to the big kahuna: Amazon. So why is this big news, and what is an aggregator anyway? Indie authors who want to sell books have to do it through companies like Amazon. They can upload ebooks to these online ebook retailers directly, but that is a lot of hard work, battling through unfriendly interfaces.

Starlord - Issue 11

Back in 1978, when I was a kid, there was a sci-fi comic book called Starlord, and it was wonderful. Now scans of just about every page of this comic book are available to read on the Internet, at, so I can read them all over again. That’s exactly what I’m doing, and I’m getting a twin jolt of fun, with sci-fi thrills combined with warm and fuzzy nostalgia.

My Love of Giant Robots

In the late 70s, giant robots started to appear in the UK, or at least toys and model kits depicting them did. I loved them, though times were tough in the grim north of the UK in those years, so I couldn’t afford to buy many. A plastic robot kit was a rare treat, for a birthday or Christmas. I didn’t know it, but the giant robots I loved had quite a history, even by the late 70s, and they have gone on to become an even more significant part of popular culture since.

Starlord - Issue 10

This is the tenth post I’ve written about rereading an old comic book from my youth. I’m reading them again, after an interval of decades because the entire run of the comic has turned up as scans on a website, allowing me to relive them, even though my original copies were sold to charity long ago. The cover to issue 10, which came out 15 July 1978, is another that has an image that does not relate to any of the strips within the comic.

Thor: Ragnarok

I watched Thor: Ragnarok the other day and I loved it, just like most everybody else. Thor, the hammer-wielding God of Thunder, starts the movie dangling in a fire giant’s cave in some inferno dimension, then spends time on Asgard and Earth, but for most of the movie he is on a planet called Sakaar. I watched the film in Italian and the humor came through in the translation very well.

Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things is a love letter to the 80s based around a young boy vanishing into thin air. As friends, family and local police search for answers, they are drawn into a creepy and atmospheric mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and a very strange little girl. Season 1 of the show has a score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Season 2 has the slightly lower score of 94% on the same site.

Starlord - Issue 9

I am currently reading Starlord, what is Starlord I hear you ask? Is it some new comic book? Is it a book about that Marvel character? No, and no, in fact it is an ancient British comic book from 1978, a comic book I first read in childhood and which I am now reading again, decades later, to get cool sci-fi thrills along with a nice jolt of nostalgia. I have reached issue nine in my quest to read all 22, and it’s a bobbyvdazzler.

Top Ten Screen Spaceships

In my never ending quest to improve my site’s SEO I came across some random advice that says to write posts with top tens. Apparently people love top tens, and when you look at popular sites such as Buzzfeed there does seem to be something to this advice. Who am I to argue, so here is my top ten of Sci-Fi spaceships. There are a lot of spaceship size comparison websites out there, such as Merzo.