2000 AD - issue 246

This issue of 2000 AD, the 246th, came out 9 Jan 1982, and I remember that my feelings about it were colored by what was happening on TV. Just a few days later season nineteen of the original run of Doctor Who started, and the first episode of this series is the one where Tom Baker’s interpretation of the Doctor is retired. We see him for the last time lying under a radio telescope he just fell off of, and I remember that I did not like it one bit.

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2000 AD - issue 245

In this post, I am talking about a comic book that was released way back on the 2nd January, 1982. It is issue 245 of the grande dame of British comic books, a publication that goes by the name of 2000 AD. I loved it as a kid, and I’m rereading those great old issues I enjoyed then, through my cynical, grown up eyes. This is an unusual issue which is stuffed with a lot of inconsequential filler, but there are still some good stories here, such as the start of a momentous and epic Judge Dredd story.

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2000 AD - issue 244

I’m reviewing a comic book in this post, but not a comic book that has been published recently, oh no, quite the opposite: the comic book I’m talking about in this post was published a long, long time ago. This issue of 2000 AD – a weekly British science fiction-orientated comics anthology – came out on the 26 December, 1981, when I was just a kid. Back then, I had to walk the dog down to the newsagents, and buy the comic with my pocket money, but now anyone can get it with the click of a mouse, from the excellent BritishComics at Wordpress archive.

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2000 AD - issue 243

Today I’m writing about issue 243 of a comic book called 2000 AD. Inspired by the original prog slog blog, I have been rereading very early issues of this famous comic book from my youth, back in the late 70s and early 80s. One of the most powerful emotions when rereading this old comic – along with appreciation of the art, being entertained by the stories, and disappointment at the almost complete lack of diversity – is a huge helping of nostalgia.

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2000 AD - issue 133

This is issue 133 of a comic called 2000 AD, which hit British newspaper shops way back in 1979, the sixth of October to be exact. Seeing the front page, I realized that it didn’t trigger the same hit of nostalgia with me that previous covers have. It suddenly occurred to me that this is because it is the first time I have seen it. This issue marks the start of one of the periods, some long, some short, where I stopped buying 2000 AD altogether.

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2000 AD - issue 132

I’m reading ancient comic books from my long-ago youth. I’ve lost sight of why I’m doing this, now, but it’s too late to stop, so here goes with another one. It’s from way back in 1979, and it’s called 2000 AD. Issue 132 of 2000 AD has one of my all time favorite covers. It is by McMahon, who has a very different style to Bolland, whose work we saw on the cover of last week’s comic book.

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2000 AD - issue 131

Issue 131 of 2000 AD was published way back on the 22 September 1979, for the princely sum of 12p, and it has a classic cover. It shows the most popular character in the comic, Judge Dredd, firing his special gun, a lawgiver, directly at the reader. Five special types of bullet are shown flying out of the frame, armor piercing, high explosive, heat seeker, incendiary, and ricochet. It’s a ridiculous idea for a gun design, because the gun would need so much ammo it would have a magazine bigger than an AK-47’s.

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