2000 AD - issue 102

I have been slowly working my way through a stack of CBR files containing scans of a comic book from my long-ago youth. The comic book is called 2000 AD, and this post delves into the treasures available within issue 102 of this publication. Issue 102 was published on the third of March 1979, which is so long ago it is hard to remember what life was like back then.

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2000 AD - issue 101

Once again, I am reading a comic book from long, long ago. This one is from way back in late February 1979. This issue doesn’t have a particularly inspiring cover. It is just Dan Dare, with his nemesis, the Mekon, behind him. It may only be two heads, but when they are as recognizable as Dan Dare and the Mekon, the comic book will most likely have sold respectably despite the lack of dynamic action.

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2000 AD - issue 100

Here comes another post where I read a comic book of yesteryear. At the moment I’m reading a comic book from way back in February 1979, on the seventeenth. I read it for the first time back then, and I’m reading it again today. By the way, I found the scans of issue 100 of 2000 AD at Britishcomics.wordpress.com. Now let’s see if it holds up. The cover of issue 100 is a bit of a dog’s dinner, with a series of adverts for what is to be found inside.

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2000 AD - issue 99

This is issue 99 of a comic book from a long time ago. It was originally published 10 February 1979, and I read it as soon as it appeared on the rack at the general store round the corner from my house. I enjoyed reading this comic book back then and I’m enjoying reading it again now. The year 1979 was a world-changing year. The Soviets began invading Afghanistan, while in the UK we went all in on neoconservative economics under Margaret Thatcher.

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2000 AD - issue 98

This is a blog post about a comic book from many, many moons ago. There will be spoilers aplenty, but that hardly matters, does it, if the comic book was published forty years ago. The comic in question is 2000 AD, which Wikipedia describes as a weekly British science fiction-orientated comic magazine. It serializes three or four stories in each issue, and was first published in 1977. This particular issue, number 98, was published a couple of years later, on 3 February 1979.

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2000 AD - issue 97

I have been reading comic books from my childhood. I read quite a few back then, but the one I read most was 2000 AD. I have found some scans of these ancient comic books on the internet, and so I am reading them all over again, one by one. Today I’m reading issue 97 of 2000 AD, which was published way back on 27 Jan 1979. Interestingly, 27 Jan 1979 just happens also to be the date of the 36th Golden Globe Awards, where Midnight Express won big.

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2000 AD - issue 96

This is an ongoing series of blog posts where I am reading comic books from the far distant past, specifically early 1979, and in this post I am looking at issue 96 of 2000 AD. It came out 20 Jan 1979, and sold for the princely sum of ten pence. The cover of issue 96 isn’t very futuristic. It depicts technology that was commonplace even at the time the comic was published.

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