2000 AD - issue 129

After a couple of issues that shook my younger self’s faith in 2000 AD, this issue came along – issue 129 – and it got me excited about the comic book again. It is not a perfect issue, not by any means, but it does have one moment of greatness. It has an episode of ABC Warriors within that is so amazing, it is worth buying the comic book for all on its own, even if the rest varies in quality from ho-hum to execrable.

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2000 AD - issue 128

Part of the enjoyment of reading old comic books is the nostalgia, being transported back to the time and place where you bought the comic, to feel the emotions again as you read it. Even when the comic book wasn’t so great, it’s still fun to think back to reading it for the first time, all those years ago. This issue of 2000 AD, for example, brings plenty of feels with it.

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I remember reading this comic book for the first time, way back in August 1979, and I remember very well how I felt about my purchase. I can almost see the expression on my young face, and I was not a happy camper. The reason I was so unhappy was that this is the issue where Starlord disappeared from the masthead of 2000 AD, for good. I remember the feeling of betrayal I felt when Starlord was officially no more, suddenly replaced in 2000 AD’s affections by the far inferior comic, Tornado.

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2000 AD - issue 126

This issue of 2000 AD came out 18 August 1979. That is almost four decades ago, at the time of writing this post, and so the fact that I am actually bothering to write about it shows how much of an impact this comic book had on me when I was a nipper. There is visionary stuff in here, stories that have left a mark on sci-fi that still reverberates today.

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2000 AD - issue 125

Let’s go back in time and take a look at another issue of a comic book from 1979. This issue of 2000 AD gets rid of the red border that the last few issues have been rocking, and it is good to see the back of that border. It was hideous and I have no idea what they were thinking. Without a red border, the image gets pretty much the entire cover, an it is a doozy.

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2000 AD - issue 124

Here we go again with an issue of 2000 AD from many years ago. I read it as a kid and I’m reading it all over again now. My original copy was most likely given away to a charity shop, with bits cut out and encrusted in peanut butter, so I am actually reading a scan I found on the Internet at a wonderful Wordpress blog that is a repository of old British comic books.

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2000 AD - issue 123

Here we go with yet another post where I return to a comic book of yesteryear. I’m reading 2000 AD all over again, and I have reached issue 123 in the process. If you don’t happen to have a copy of issue 123 of 2000 AD, don’t worry, you can download some scans from the massive archive of classic old British comic books at Britishcomics.Wordpress.com. This issue was published on the 28 July 1979, and I have started suggesting music of the era to listen to as you read this ancient comic book.

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