Spaceship Doodles

This blog post is about spaceship doodles. I’m always sketching spaceships, and today I thought I would share one of the doodles I happen to be doing right now. These doodles aren’t just for fun, though I get a real kick out of them, they actually serve a purpose. I write sci-fi novels, and I like to put spaceships on the cover. I design my own cover spaceships, and sketching is an important part of that.

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End of Year Promotion

I’m taking part in an Xmas promotion at Smashwords, so all my books are at 25% off. Smashwords is an ebook distribution platform based in Los Gatos, California, founded in 2008 by Mark Coker for independent authors and publishers. It was the first platform I ever uploaded one of my ebooks to, and I am still with them, years later. The company was started by a former Silicon Valley publicist with the lofty goal of using technology to democratize publishing, allowing writers to appeal directly to readers without having to deal with gatekeepers such as agents and editors.

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Sun Chaser Published

Sun Chaser is finally finished and has just been distributed to a range of the leading sellers of eBooks across the internet. Work Started on Sun Chaser on 4 Nov, 2016, just after I had published a fantasy novel called City of Dragons. With my epic fantasy trilogy out of the way, I turned my attention to the third book in my science fiction trilogy. Doing the maths, that means it took me five months to write the book.

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