Cosmic Girl

I’m working on my new book, with the current working title of Cosmic Girl. This is a title that has been used before… many, many times. According to Wikipedia it has been used as the title of a single by British funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai, as the name of a Boeing 747 owned by Virgin Galactic, as the name of a single by German europop duo Modern Talking, and as the name of a 13-member South Korean girl group, among other things.

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I have just started selling merch, such as mugs with the cover of my sci-fi books on them. I’m doing this to support my life as an author, of course, but also to give fans a way of owning a little bit more of my books and characters. I can’t print the images on mugs myself so I needed a platform to do all that for me. There are a huge number of these merch printers out there, but I decided to go through Society 6, because they have a clean and pleasant interface to search through when looking for nice things to buy.

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Brett Fitzpatrick

I am an author writing sci-fi novels, blog posts, and a bunch of other stuff.