I loved Pacific Rim 2, and was grinning with glee at all the giant-robot action lovingly rendered on the big screen for my enjoyment. I don’t want to oversell the movie, though. I am a huge fan of giant robots and this sort of movie is slap-bang in the center of my wheelhouse but I am aware that for somebody who is not quite as in love with huge mechanoids as I am, this movie may not appeal quite as much.

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The Falcon's Nose

The trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story dropped a few days ago, undoubtedly the first of many, and the sort of websites where sci-fi geeks like me hang out are still all abuzz. The Millenium Falcon makes an appearance in the trailer, of course, for what story about Han Solo could be told without mentioning his famous spaceship, or his copilot Chewbacca. The Millenium Falcon is an iconic spacecraft, and I rated it as the best screen spaceship design ever in my top ten of spaceships right here on this blog.

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Anyone who has read any of the posts on this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Star Wars, all of the Star Wars movies, except the prequels. So this is a great time to be alive for me, with Star Wars films now on a release schedule that almost makes them like the kind of movie serial that George Lucas was inspired by when he created the franchise.

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Star Wars - predictions

A new Star Wars movie is here, and that is always guaranteed to get my attention. The most recent trailer I have seen came to me via io9, and it is long, beautiful, and gives a flavor without, apparently revealing too much. There are porgs, and there is Finn, Phasma, Kylo, Leia, Snoke, and Luke. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I undoubtedly will sometime in the next few days.

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Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day is a slasher movie, but it’s not really a slasher movie. It is mostly a Groundhog Day Loop movie. A Groundhog Day Loop is where the main character is doomed to repeat a period of time over and over until something is corrected. This trope is named after the film Groundhog Day, which wasn’t the first to do this, but is the best known. It is this time loop element that makes this movie a slice of sci-fi rather than a horror movie, for the purposes of this review at least.

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