Life on Mars?

The stuff I talk about on this site is all connected in some way to sci-fi. This is the usual mix of TV, like Doctor Who, comic books, like 2000 AD, movies, like Pacific Rim 2, ebooks, like On the Steel Breeze, and other such works of futurism, but there is another medium used to express sci-fi ideas that I don’t talk about as often. I’m starting to put that right now, so here is another post about sci-fi music.

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Almost everything I talk about on this site is connected in some way to sci-fi. One reason for this is that I do not want Google to be confused about what this site is – most of my visitors come from Google, after all – but the more important reason is that I just love sci-fi, and everything to do with it. My deep love for sci-fi even includes sci-fi inspired music, of which there is a huge amount.

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