I’m listening to a podcast in the background again as I carry on with my day job. Today I have mostly been listening to Lexicon Valley, and I chose this one because my work - both day job and writing sci-fi novels – is bound up with language. As a writer especially (or should that be specially?), I figure it makes sense to learn as much as possible about language.

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I was just doing some boring, day-job work and needed something to put on in the background and listen to, to help me get through it, and I found a podcast that is entertaining and full of sci-fi goodness. It is called Metis in Space and it sells itself as indigenous, female, and nerdy. The episode that particularly caught my attention was about Dune, and I hit play immediately I saw that sci-fi classic mentioned.

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The Canon

I’m a fan of podcasts, which I listen to when I’m doing the washing up, or when I’m tidying. I often listen to The Dork Forest, (which I’ve blogged about before) but another one I like is called The Canon. The Canon is a weekly audio podcast that you can listen to on Earwolf. Earwolf is a comedy podcasting network founded in 2010. It was initially built around the Comedy Death-Ray Radio podcast, but has since grown to include a bunch of podcasts on lots of different subjects.

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The Dork Side of the Force

I spent a good few hours yesterday listening to one of my favourite podcasts. It’s called The Dork Forest, and it’s hosted by Jackie Kashian. I don’t listen to it very often, just a couple of times per year, but when I do listen, I binge. I usually listen when I’m doing something round the house, like cleaning and tidying. I hate cleaning and tidying, but it’s not so bad if my mind is off in the Dork Forest while my body is doing the filthy housework.

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