There is an idea that keeps coming up in science fiction comic books that is supremely goofy and illogical, and therefore appeals to me very much. It is the idea of a human being fighting robots with just their bare hands. Obviously, the idea of a flesh and blood human being able to fight a metal robot is ludicrous in the extreme, but it does keep on coming up. I just today discovered bare-knuckle robot fighting in its purest, and maybe earliest, form

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Mazinger Robot Kit

For Xmas this year I got a Mazinger-Z model, by Bandai. I have often posted on this blog about my love of robots, and my love of giant robots in particular, and so you can imagine how excited I was to get my Xmas present this year. It is doubly sweet because the robot I got is Mazinger. Many years ago, the first giant robot model I ever owned was Great Mazinger, a beautifully designed machine with a sword and fists that fire missiles.

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