I’m a self-published author of (mostly) sci-fi, and my ebook sales go up and down, pretty much at random. I have noticed that if I get a new review, my sales are likely to hop up, and they also sink when I haven’t put a new book out in a while, but other than that they just tend to noodle a little higher sometimes and a little lower at others.

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Newsletter Subscription Subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated on the latest developments and special offers from the world of Galaxy Dog! I have purposely limited what information is required to just your email address, because who wants to by typing out all their particulars just to get a junky email from a sci-fi author. Having to give your email address is imposition enough, but it is kinda’ required to even get the newsletter.

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Kill the Mailing List

There are some standard pieces of advice given to authors trying to promote their books, and these include starting a well designed and regularly updated blog, use social media, use book promotion services, and compile a mailing list. I have done all of the above, with varying amounts of enthusiasm and varying results, but today’s post is about only one of them, the last one, putting together a mailing list.

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New Cover Spaceships

I have been on Blender creating new spaceships for the last couple of days. Two of my books are getting these new spaceships, Cosmic Girl and Blood Star. They’re the two newest. Cosmic Girl has been out for a couple of weeks now (the new cover with a spaceship is because sales haven’t exactly been lighting the world on fire) and Blood Star isn’t even written yet. I’ve set it up as a preorder in a couple of places - you can get it from Kobo for example - but I’m holding off on setting it up as a preorder with Amazon until I have a great cover.

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Preorder Blood Star

I have always been afraid of doing a preorder on one of my books, I guess because I was frightened that I might miss the deadline. But I have been doing some research, and the various eBook publishers don’t seem to punish you too severely for missing a pre-order deadlines. For example, according to IndiesUnlimited.com Amazon is quite forgiving. On their help page Amazon say: If you move up the release date for your eBook, all customers who pre-ordered will receive the content on the earlier release date.

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Free sci-fi ebooks

In order to bring visitors to SpiralcatBooks.com, my sci-fi ebook website, I am using an age-old promotional idea that will probably never go out of fashion, free books. Everyone likes free books, and so SpiralcatBooks.com now includes a section where people can download free sci-fi, and other classic genre books. All of these books are already available from Gutenberg for free, of course, so why would somebody come to my site to download them instead?

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I am continuing work on Dark Galaxy 5, Blood Star, but I haven’t written a single word yet. As I mentioned in a previous post, first I’m reading through the preceding four books in the series. I finished Galaxy Dog over a week ago, and I have now just finished reading Iron Dart. Interestingly, I just found out that my books are available on Walmart to buy as eBooks, including Galaxy Dog from Walmart, and Iron Dart at Walmart.

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