Top Ten - Sci-Fi Romances

Valentine’s Day is coming, and naturally all our thoughts turn to love. This is a blog focused mostly on sci-fi so my thoughts, as far as this post is concerned at least, have turned to the most romantic lovers of the worlds of sci-fi, comic books, and such like, specifically the ten most romantic. Often, with a list like this, it is the entries lower down the rankings that are more interesting than the ones nearer the top.

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Obviously, your mileage may vary as to what you consider cerebral, but some sci-fi movies try to be a cut above the usual vehicle for special effects and action. It is these movies that we will be celebrating today in the latest of my series of top tens. 10: Strange Days Strange Days, written by James Cameron and directed by Kathryn Bigelow, stars Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, and Juliette Lewis.

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Here is another sci-fi themed top ten for the entertainment and edification of the readers of my blog. I write top tens because they are said to be catnip for search engines. I have no actual scientific evidence it is even true, but writing and researching top tens is fun so I’m sticking with it. Today’s excursion into ranking the unrankable is my top ten of sci-fi vehicles. As usual, we will need some ground rules about what constitutes a sci-fi vehicle for the purposes of this list.

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Top 10 Robots

Before I started counting down my top ten robots ever, I needed to establish some ground rules. Without ground rules the number of possible robots was just too many to come up with a top ten. After a little filtering, according to a few self-imposed criteria, the task of coming up with a top ten became much more manageable, but it means some of the robots you might expect to figure in the list have been excluded.

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In my never ending quest to improve my site’s SEO I came across some random advice that says to write posts with top tens. Apparently people love top tens, and when you look at popular sites such as Buzzfeed there does seem to be something to this advice. Who am I to argue, so here is my top ten of Sci-Fi spaceships. There are a lot of spaceship size comparison websites out there, such as Merzo.

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